Friday, September 13, 2013

Paris Building

In my opinion, photography is not difficult. I think it is more expensive. I can`t really blame some photographers who tried to make look photography difficult especially when it comes to editing due to amount of money and time they have invested. But let`s be more pragmatic. Once you know what approach you are going to do with your photo, from framing to editing, it`s not really difficult. Of course, not unless you will use photoshop to heavily manipulate your photo like surrealism, it will surely take a lot of time. But simple editing like adjusting the contrast, brightness, exposure and some special touches like skin smoothening and iris enhancement, it will probably take you 1 hour the most, at least for me, to finish editing. Like what I have said, if you know how to approach your photo, then it`s not really difficult. For example, this picture took me 5 minutes to edit it. The lens for this picture is Tamron 10-24mm. I know what kind of image I`m going to get with this lens. Then I uploaded the picture to LR3 and adjusted brightness, contrast, clarity, sharpness, saturation, etc. Afterwards, I tried to convert it to black and white and adjusted further the black, contrast and sharpness. I played a little bit with the exposure and brightness to achieve a dramatic effect like this. My wildest estimate for editing is probably 15 minutes. Like life, everyone has their own perspective. For me, photography is not difficult. It is expensive. Not unless I win the lottery tomorrow, then it`s not expensive for me. Paris Building

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